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ROS Projects

Raspberry Pi ROS + OpenCV robot kit for Makers (4)
Niryo One: an educational 6 axis robotic arm powered by ROS (3)
IMcoders: easy-to-install (and cheap) odometry sensors (11)
Use ROS to talk to the VEX Cortex or V5 Brain! (1)
Working with large ROS bag files on Hadoop and Spark (8)
Precision Agriculture Simulation with a Quadcopter in Gazebo (6)
TZC: Efficient Inter-Process Communication for Robotics Middleware with Partial Serialization (14)
ROS Additive Manufacturing (RAM) (17)
Multi-robot path planning (1)
First P2P network layer for robots and IoT with first class ROS support (1)
Different Control theories and Reinforcement learning simulation in ROS+ Gazbeo (3)
Roboteq motor control ROS differential drive (1)
Robotics Language at RosCon/IROS 2018 (1)
Move Base Flex 0.2.0 is here! (1)
ROS Books Give Away | ROSCon 2018 (1)
Series of ROS video projects launched (3)
Results webpage of ROSIN (ROS-Industrial Quality-Assured Robot Software) (1)
Hypothesis-ros (3)
Raspbian Stretch Lite + ROS + OpenCV Raspberry Pi Disk Image (6)
Graph RViz plugin (1)
Formal verification of ROS nodes using Imandra reasoning engine (1)
ROS RTABMAP error 2 make -j4 (2)
Online ROS (7)
ROS package that publishes the MPU-9255 data into a Topic used in Raspberry PI 3 (1)
ROSbot 2.0 - new development platform for ROS (5)
ROS-A Focused Initiative for Agriculture (6)
Feedback Wanted: Test framework for verifying topic output (both unit and integration testing) (5)
The Autonomous Robot Challenge (1)
Reinforcement Learning of Driving Robots (1)
Static exception handling (1)