1.12 development timeline

experimental/peoria was created for our local testing but some merged branches are probably not needed to merge to master, e.g. feature/deadreckoner. You can easily divide these into some feature branches, actually peoria has only merge commits (peoria_internal_test has 1 direct commit for local change).

These branches were merged to experimental/peoria, we can pick from here for next release.

  • New features
    • feature/rebuild_decision_maker
    • feature/point_pillars
    • feature/deadreckoner
  • Update of current feautures
    • feature/signal_pole_grouping
    • fix/rtm_calibration_publisher
    • feature/fix_motion_predictor
    • feature/velocity_set_with_prediction
    • feature/velocity_interpolation
  • For UI
    • feature/update_autoware_launcher
    • feature/point_pillar_launcher_plugin
    • feature/decision_maker_launcher_plugin
    • feature/autoware_launcher_plugins

I additionally want to merge feature/improve_ymc_interface and some features to v.1.12. Is the deadline issues until April 1?