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2019 ROS Summer School in China , Schedule is finalized


any information in english?


Please provide information in English.

Yes, we will release the videos.

As a fellow non-Chinese speaker, I sympathize in general with your desire for English (or other) translations of information. But in this case the information being provided regards an event that will be conducted in Chinese, in China, for a Chinese-speaking audience. So it’s appropriate for the information to be distributed in that language. Curious observers like us can use Google Translate or other services if we want to get a sense of what’s happening.

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I will give the schedule in English in one or two days. Please give us some time to prepare this.


@xinyu Thank you for putting in the effort to translate your schedule. However, I do not think you should feel the need to do so in the future. Your summer school is in China for Chinese participants, so it is not fair to require you to provide the information in English. However, please do try to limit your Chinese-language posts to the Chinese user group category. (I suspect this time it was just a mistake.)

For everyone who sees these summer schools in places like China and South Africa and thinks “I wish I could go, too”: these are community acitivities undertaken by community members. The OSRF is not organising them, and the OSRF is not paying for them. Some times they may have funding from somewhere, but that is also something planned and achieved by a community member.

If you want a summer school held somewhere you can attend, then participate in your local ROS user group (start one if there isn’t one) and encourage people in your local area who are more knowledgeable about ROS to start giving seminars and tutorials, and work your way up to having a summer school.


I also agree with @gbiggs, but I also think its totally OK to go in general. I think the main issue was just that they were images and not text so self-translating wasn’t trivially easy as copy-pasting for the passively curious.

Thank you all for your words of encouragement and support.