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Agents unavailable on

I am waiting for some release jobs to run to test a new driver version from ros-testing

But the jobs are all pending:

(pending—All nodes of label ‘[buildagent melodic_sourcedeb](’ are offline)

The build queue seems to be about 300 jobs long.

I’ve pinged @wjwwood and @jacob about this.

Thanks for the head’s up. I’ve restarted the agent that was misbehaving and blocking the auto-scaling behavior and added a few more to work through the backlog.

As a minor bikeshed I think reports like this are best kept in the Buildfarm category rather than release management.

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That’s my fault, bad advice from me :smiley:.

I moved it to that category. :+1:

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Thanks! and thanks @wjwwood for moving this to the right category