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Announcement: trimmed ROS/Gazebo docker images released

Hi ROS Docker users!

We’re happy to announce a new round of ROS docker images hit the official docker library yesterday :whale:

I apologize that this announcement comes after and not before the new images availability on DockerHub. The images were expected to be staging for longer before hitting the main registry giving a chance for the final announcement to come out with some days notice.
So if you are using Docker ROS images and your build started behaving differently overnight you’ll most likely find the answer below.

Apart from including images for the newly released ROS Noetic, the images of other active ROS distros also saw some changes.
The changes match closely this RFC:

  • ROS / ROS 2 / Gazebo Dockerfiles are now installing only the required dependencies. The “recommended” dependencies will not be installed anymore (use of the --no-install-recommends apt flag). This means that if some of your packages rely on undeclared dependencies, they may stop building / working as before.

  • The ros-core images do not include the ROS bootstrapping / building tools anymore (removal of rosdep , rosinstall , colcon packages for ROS 2) these packages will now be part of the generic base image, aka ros:<ROS_DISTRO> or ros:<ROS_DISTRO>-ros-base

    • this means that images based on ros:<ROS_DISTRO>-ros-core images do not have compilers installed by default anymore. If you use those in CI you’ll need to make sure to install the building tools you need or use the ros-base (aka default) image. You can see the diff on the ros_core images here
    • the osrf/ros2:devel image including all the building and testing tools for ROS 2 can/should be used as a base for ROS 2 CI
    • there is currently no ROS 1 equivalent to the osrf/ros2:devel image. But we’re happy to explore how to make this available if there is interest

If you have any feedback, ideas on what you’d like the docker images to do or not do, or any issue using them, please open issues at

Happy containing !