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Announcing new packages for TurtleBot3 in ROS2 (including Cartographer and Navigation2)

Hi guys :slight_smile:

We are happy to announce new packages for TurtleBot3!!
The packages includes Cartographer(@clalancette) and Navigation2(@mkhansen)

Now, you can launch those packages using simple commands in ROS2 Crystal Clemmys with TurtleBot3.
If you already have TurtleBot3, you could try teleoperation, SLAM and navigation through ROS2 frameworks after you setup for ROS2.
If you don’t have TurtleBot3, you could load TurtleBot3 into Gazebo simulator and launch everything I said.

This release only support Burger yet, but we are going to update that packages to support Waffle Pi after few days later.

[Github repo]

[Issue page]





Please consider to release your packages using bloom in order to provide Debian packages for users so that they don’t have to build the packages from source.


I want to thank @routiful for the great work he did here! I was working on this from the Navigation2 side and bugged him many times for help and updates, and he patiently helped me and worked through the issues to get it working! Thank you!


@dirk-thomas Of course, we have plan to release tb3 packages :slight_smile:

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@mkhansen Thank you for your kind comment :grin: Navigation2 and your team makes me driven to focus that packages. Thank you again and let’s make more greatness!


Hi @dirk-thomas, I am preparing to release the TurtleBot3 packages using bloom in order to provide Debian packages for users. Fortunately, the way to register with rosdistro is the same as before. One thing I’m curious about is that I have used industrial_ci, but ros2 does not seem to be able to use it. What should I use instead of this? I want to hear your advice. Thanks. :slight_smile:

@Pyo Please post any follow up conversation to a different place since this category is only intended for announcements etc. and reaches too many people. Either to the Next Generation ROS category or

I guess the right statement would be: industrial_ci doesn’t support ROS 2 (rather than the other way around).

The official ROS buildfarm has the same capabilities for ROS 2 as for ROS 1. When releasing your repositories you should make sure to:

  • add a source entry to rosdistro. Based on that a devel job will be created which will build new commits on the target branch shortly after they are pushed (and in case of problems send notification emails to the maintainers listed in the packages).
  • choose to enable pull request testing. Based on that a pr job will be created which will build commits on PRs targeting the specific branch and report back with the status through the GitHub UI.

If you don’t want to leverage the official ROS buildfarm you can still use the logic provided by the package which powers it by using the scripts locally or withing a CI provider like Travis: see the docs for more information about that.

I am not aware which of the other CI approaches support ROS 2 atm.


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