Are the inverse kinematics of simulation the same as the inverse kinematics of real robot?

Hello, i’m a student and i am testing the functions of move it with the ros industrial robot packages at the moment.

if i don’t want do control the real robot and instead just want to simulate the inverse kinematics of a robot, for example a robot type of abb or kuka - i take the robot description files (xml) out of the packages and create a config package with the move it setup.

if i control the robot afterwards with a python script or with rviz - how different are the inverse kinematics between the simulated robot and the real robot which is controlled by the real robot controller?

are there any possibilities to simulate the robot with the right kinematic configuration? (something like RCS - Robot Control Simulation - Tools)

Thanks in advance. Best regard, Domi

Hello @xxxdomi (Domi Schu),
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