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Autoware Calibration Toolkit: Green Circle Too Small

  • I want to calibrate my camera using Velodyne.
  • As title mentioned, when I Grab, the green circle to extract Lidar points is too small then I cannot calibrate it accurately (like the botton right figure show below) because it can only extract couple of points.
  • I referred to the YouTube guidelines and the green circle it used is bigger enough to extract many points on the chessboard.
  • Is there any ways to modify the size of the green circle?
  • I am using Linux Ubuntu 16.04, Autoware version: 1.10, Lidar: Velodyne-16, Camera: GMSL

Thanks for using Autoware and for your question. Howevere ask that you please ask questions at the ROS Answers website following our support guidelines. Please pay particular attention to the information we ask you to provide.

Discourse is for news and general interest discussion. ROS Answers provides a forum which can be filtered by tags to make sure the relevant people can find and/or answer the question, and not overload everyone with hundreds of posts.

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