Autoware ODD working group: Call for participation Thank you for your participation.

Here’s the link to the cloud recording of the meeting yesterday.

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@Hiroshi_IGATA I look forward to joining and participating in the ODD working group on behalf of LG. Thanks!

@Hiroshi_IGATA and all, please take a look at the Scenic introduction and tutorial videos from UC Berkeley. As mentioned, Scenic is very similar to M-SDL (from Fortellix) in terms that both languages can define scenarios at abstract level, and generate various kind of scenarios from high level description.
LGSVL Simulator already supports the language.

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The slides from the Scenic webinar (video above) are available here:

Overview slides:

Tutorial slides:

Thank you for joining 2020-09-01 ODD WG weekly meeting #10 today. For those who missed it, here’s the Zoom recording. Thanks. Passcode: Q^*WR&1r

Here’s the diagram from the last meeting.
Scenario Testing Pipeline Diagram.pdf (116.7 KB)

Posted a set of slides with an overview of the Ridecell Scenario Language (RSL) here. It goes over the general motivation for developing a new scenario format, our overall approach to scenario extraction, generation and execution, as well as some of the key features of RSL. Note that the language and its semantics are currently under development, so the behavior is likely to evolve over time, but the general structure should remain the same.

As mentioned in ODD working group call, here is the video showing the LGSVL Visual Scenario Editor:

Hi,, Steve and all the participants,

I’ve just uploaded the XML-RPC API associated documents from Tier IV in the TierIV Scenario Simulator Documentation folder.

In case you don’t have access right to this folder, please ask for permission and I’ll take care of it.

Please note that I’ve moved around other existing files in the ODD WG folder in order to organize it. If you see any issue in this regard, please let me know.

Have a great weekend.

I also uploaded the documentation and the simulator (tar file) from TierIV (prepared by Masaya). Please check them out.

Hi @Hiroshi_IGATA, can you share the video recording of today’s ODD meeting (with TierIV’s scenario editor demo)? Thanks in advance.

Of course. Heres’s the link.

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@Hiroshi_IGATA, as a new member to the TSC, we would like to start joining the ODD working group, representing Tata Consultancy Services. Where I can see the schedule for the upcoming ODD working group calls?
When is the next call?

@Laksh_Parthasarathy Thank you for your interest in ODD WG from Tata Consultancy Services.

Please see ODD WG Wiki page for information including how to join.

FYI, the meeting next week has been cancelled due to Japanese holiday calendar. Also, we’re now discussing the easier-to-join weekly meeting time which covers only US and Japan (East Asian) time zones, as it seems that we do not have participants from Europe. May I ask which time zone you are in?

Thanks for your response. I am in US EST time zone.

Thank you for participating in the ODD WG. I’ve closed the Doodle poll which I initiated based on the discussion in the meeting last week.

As you might have already seen on Autoware Foundation event calendar, our weekly meeting is held at 2020-09-28T22:00:00Z2020-09-28T23:00:00Z, and in the following weeks, the weekly meeting will be held at the same time on the same day-of-the-week. The old schedules which rotate through three time zones have been cancelled.

If you noticed anything, please let me know.

I’m unable to sign in to the ODD WG weekly meeting (Zoom says “host has another meeting in progress”)… Is the meeting delayed or rescheduled today?

Hi, we just discovered that there are two Zoom meeting codes in the invite. Use the one that starts with Ti… I just by luck picked the correct one, Igata-san and Steve Lemke are there in the call with me now. Igata-san intends to fix for future.

I’m sorry my mistake prevented you from joining today. Like David kindly explained, I failed to delete the old Zoom URL. I’ve already fixed the issue and the schedules from next week have the correct URL and the meeting code. Looking forward to having you onboard.

Here’s the Zoom recording from 2020-10-06 ODD WG weekly meeting, which includes the walkthrough of Tier IV’s tool for scenario building. Thank you, Mitsudome-san.

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