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Autoware TSC Minutes January 16th, 2019


Round 1: 0am Tokyo (+1day), 3pm London, 7am California

  • Board: Shinpei Kato, Jan Becker
  • Apex: Dejan Pangericic
  • AutonomousStuff: Joe Buckner
  • Kalray: Stephan Strahm
  • Parkopedia: Esteve Fernandez
  • StreetDrone: Antonis Skardasis, Adrian Bedford
  • Tier IV: Shinpei Kato, Kenji Funaoka (Minutes)
  • Velodyne: John Buszek

Round 2: 10am Tokyo (+1day), 1am London (+1day), 5pm California

  • Board: Shinpei Kato, Yang Zhang
  • Huawei/HiSilicon: Huang Wei
  • LG Electric: Seoman Kim
  • Linaro: Yang Zhang
  • StreetDrone: Antonis Skardasis
  • Tier IV: Shinpei Kato, Kenji Funaoka, Daisuke Tanaka (Minutes)
  • TRI-AD: Nikos Michalakis

Please forward this notification to a right person in your company. Each Premium member has one voting seat at the TSC meeting; you may bring more persons sitting in behind as observers.

The main objective of the TSC meeting to discuss the direction of AWF and Autoware projects. We expect productive discussions and members’ feedback to make this foundation better and better. There is no obligation on the TSC meeting but we appreciate your presence if time allows. To join the meeting, please use the Google Hangouts Meet.


1. Opening remarks (5 mins)

TSC Members

Two persons from each member company. Any members to add?

  • TRI-AD: Starting from James and Nikos as planned, then replace James with a new person in 3-4 weeks

Autoware 2019 Survey

AI: We will send out a survey about quality of Autoware and missing features in Autoware. Dejan is preparing Google Forms so that each member can fill in the answers to the questions online this week or next week.

2. Project Work (30 mins)

AI: Create a slack channel for each project in AWF.

2.1. Autoware.Auto

2.2. Unit Test

Servando from Linaro is proposing a Unit Test project. After he provides the template, we are gonna ask each package owner to write a unit test based on the template, then make a PR, to be reviewed Servando and Kenji and …

2.3. Mapping

  • Several projects to be determined to study format/architecture
  • No significant issues/challenges expected in LG simulator as they have already equipped set of codes - going forward, need to clarify what format should be supported

2.4. Field Demo

2.4.1. Valet Parking Project

2.4.2. City Pilot Project - Discourse (John from AutonomouStuff)

  • AutonomouStuff/Tier IV: Lexus and GEM
    Peoria, the entire city including intersections can be used as a place to test capabilities of autonomous driving technology.
  • TRI-AD/Tier IV:Taxi project at Tokyo Station

2.4.3. Autoware Simulator - Discourse (Seonman from LGSVL)

2.4.4. CES 2020 Project


  • Vehicle 1 (Tier IV?): Kalray + ARM, Velodyne LiDAR
  • Vehicle 2: RISC V, Velodyne LiDAR + RoboSense LiDAR
  • Vehicle 3 (AutonomouStuff?): XXX
  • Vehicle 4 (StreetDrone?): XXX

Final decision to be made based on the outcomes from city projects in 2019

3. Discourse & Slack Usage (10 mins)

Discourse is a forum-like platform, very popular in the ROS community.
Some announcement on latest features or events is preferred to be done by Discourse.

4. Meeting Time Slot (10 mins)

Rotation or two rounds or the fixed slot -> two rounds majority

5. Wrapup (5 mins)

Create the project work as soon as we can so that we can work together more closely, having the same goal and looking for the same direction.

The survey is here:

is the meeting open to everyone? I am looking at Autoware and would like to join in the future to understand how the collaboration works

The Autoware Foundation TSC meetings are only open to premium members of the foundation. The minutes are, as you know, open after the meeting is completed.

If you are interested in joining the foundation, I recommend you get in touch with us via the website and we can provide you with information on the membership levels, ways to contribute, etc.

If you are just generally interested in Autoware and want to join the community, then joining the Slack chat is a great place to start.