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Buildfarm PR testing with non-shallow clone

Currently the PR testing makes a shallow clone of the repository (--depth 1). We work with a set of packages that uses rev-parse to extract the most recent version tag to set some CMake parameters on configuration (rather than hard-coding the version). With a shallow clone, these tags are missing and thus the CMake configuration fails.
Is there a way to indicate non-shallow clones or work around this?

Unfortunately there is no way to configure non-shallow clones on the buildfarm. We don’t have such an option since that would result in significant larger bandwidth needs.

I would like to point out that you approach also doesn’t work if you e.g. share the sources through an archive. I would suggest to come up with a fallback behavior if there is no git tag information available.

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Thank you very much - this is what I expected. We are upstreaming changes to fail gracefully but wondered if there is another option.