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Calibration Toolkit: Can't extract points from the grapped lidar for camera to velodyne calibration

Hi Guys,

Thanks for reading my issue.

I am new in Autoware and trying to make camera to lidar calibration but I can’t. once I grab a frame and narrow the grapped lidar frame to the Chessboard I can’t specify the area of the chessboard as the green circle not always show up and it it show up and press left button of the mouse it just give me like a dot , and can’t specify area and therefore the calibration fails. I followed the steps on the following link but he can mask any region he want but I can’t:

I am using linux ubuntu 16.o4, Autoware version: 1.7, Lidar: Velodyne-16, Camera: mindvision


Many Thanks

@Eng-Mo we removed the calibration toolkit due to many of the problems we had.
We recommend you try the alternate camera-lidar calibrator.

Thanks @amc-nu for replay,

I followed the steps in

but still can’t get results. firstly I got the following error:



I can’t 1. Observe the image and the point cloud simultaneously. like in the following picture



@Eng-Mo Seems you haven’t performed both parts of the calibration.

First, obtain the intrinsic parameters for your camera using the “Camera Calibrator”

Once you got obtained and saved the file. You can proceed to extrinsic calibration.

Finally, with the complete file, don’t forget to “Register Camera-Lidar TF” when using in the calibration.publisher

Thank you @amc-nu ;

solved the problem, the problem was in camera topic subscription.

Thanks alot.