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Call for Help: Open Source Co-Creation-Platform RoboPORT

Dear ROS-Community,

as presented last December at ROS-Industrial Conference 2019 in a public funded research project we are developing the (open source) online platform, which is intended to support the development of service robotics projects by Co-Creation and networking:

Core features of the platform: See a short >> project youtube video <<

  • Provide a digital ProjectSpace for project data (CAD, docu, tutorials …)
  • Projects can call for support and offer Microtascs, Workpackges or Jobs
  • Developers can refer to the projects they have been involved in and the skills they have

See also my slides and video of the presentation (sorry for the poor sound quality)

However the project time is running out and the technical maturity level (security and bugs) of the self-developed platform is still low and we are looking for capable developers to take over the further platform development.

This is a call for help - therfore I would like to invite you for your help to support the further development of the Open Source Co-Creation-Platform RoboPORT.

The following web technologies are used in the platform: a combination of Node.js backend and a React frontend (see figure). Node.js offers a good scalability, which makes it easy to extend the platform later on. In addition, Nest.js, TypeORM, GraphQL and Bootstrap are other frameworks that support development. The development of the source code for backend and frontend is managed in our GitHub repositories.

We would need a your feedback if someone would like to join the further (short term and long term) platform development - on the side of the used web technologies as well as the further development of the existing base platform.

In the following step, we would give you a detailed insight and access to the GitHub repository. As we have some project money left we could also give you a financial reward.

In the name of the RoboPORT project team thank you for your help and support


I think many projects could benefit from RoboPORT platform as you also support important steps like ideation processes, hackathons and makeathons and offer a network of highly motivated experts that help realizing project ideas…

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