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Can we get a new Rolling release?


Its been over a month since the last rolling release! Can we get a new one?

Edit: followup question - would it be possible to release Rolling on an automatic-regular basis? It would be nice if we could regularly count on this coming out on the 1st and 15th of the month (for example) for the purposes of keeping main / ros2 branches aligned. It would help to know if we run into some issues related to rolling-ros2 master being out of sync that there’s a release coming on a particular date to plan around.

Or for general maintenance, I can schedule every 1st and 15th of the month (for example) a 90 minute block of time to dedicate just to potential issues introduced from upstream changes.


Yeah, once Galactic was branched from Rolling, Rolling itself became a lot more volatile as the pending disruptive changes all merged in at once. I’ll open up a Preparing… thread shortly for a sync ASAP.

Since the ROS build farm uses the testing repositories for all of its Dev and PR jobs, I recommend that most CI systems follow that lead, but it doesn’t absolve the need to maintain the syncs to main for Rolling and a regular schedule makes sense but in order to make it easier to fit within a work-week (as the 1st or 15th may fall fall on a weekend day) I’ll aim for syncs to rolling to happen on the first and third Thursday of each month. If, in the future Rolling syncs to main are automated we can figure out if moving to a day-of-month rather than day-of-week based schedule makes sense.