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Dronecode PX4 support for ROS 2/Fast DDS & Micro-ROS

The dronecode foundation is setting the standards in the drone industry with open-source projects. They support projects such as PX4 autopilot, a widely used autopilot for consumer and professional drones.

Nowadays these drones are composed of a microcontroller for real-time critical applications such as the Autopilot, and a companion board for accessory applications. Dronecode adopted Fast RTPS/DDS as the communication middleware to Bridge between these two components, and we created the RTPS/ROS2 Interface: PX4-FastRTPS Bridge.

This interface allows you to run ROS 2 applications within many drones (including cheap drones) using the Drone telemetry and sensors, nice right?

This interface was the inception of Micro-ROS, and in the near future, the original interface will be replaced by Micro-ROS.


You can view the ROS World Talk about this topic here (Starting at 59m17s):

And also another one in the last PX4 developer summit

Both From Nuno Marques, a PX4 great contributor.

PX4 has a complete ecosystem of commercial drones supporting this autopilot, and a long list of supported hardware.