Duplicate question

Hi, just a comment because I have some doubts about the configuration of the Q&A software.

I posted a question https://answers.ros.org/question/307822/ros2-and-custom-mutexes/

Then, if I remember well, I just edited its topic or at least it looked like that. It caused another question to emerge https://answers.ros.org/question/307823/can-mutexes-block-an-executor-in-ros2/ with the same contents but with a different topic.

One of these questions got [deleted], the other [closed as duplicate], and in the meantime a very valuable answer disappeared. Fortunately, I had read the message before, but possibly someone other would also find it useful.

The answer hasn’t dissappeared. You actually asked that same question 3 times. You’ll find the version with the answer is still there and visible at: https://answers.ros.org/question/307821/ros2-and-custom-mutexes/

I think there might be a bug in the askbot UI that only renders each title once on your profile since you asked two questions with the same title. You only see 2 of the three on your profile.

Please be careful not to ask duplicate questions as this too 2 or 3 people to both answer your question as well as to triage them as duplicates and remove or close them. https://wiki.ros.org/Support


imagine that you ask a question, then you decide to change the topic (I remember hitting the “edit” button), then I hit “edit” again but to change the matter, then it turns out that I “posted” 3 questions, so I presume some glitch in the system, so I report it, and get an answer along the following line…

“be careful and do not ask the same thing multiple times because”…

eh… :wink:

Sorry @uthinu. I was focused on the loss of the answer. I missed that you’d edited it and it had been duplicated. There’s a bug tracking that issue: