Exchange data between ROS2 and CoDeSys

Hello everyone,
We have a new project and our first step is it, to exchange data between CoDeSys and ROS2. Is it possible for example to exchange send and get data from a OPC UA Server on CoDeSys and if yes can anybody send me an example-node? Or are there any other options to exchange data between CoDeSys and ROS2?
Greetings and thanks in advance!

With regards to opcua what is your question? Is it possible for codesys to host a opcua server? ( or possible for a Ros node to interact with it?

If the later there is nothing stopping you implementing a opcua client in a Ros node. If using a python node Iā€™d recommend asyncua (GitHub - FreeOpcUa/opcua-asyncio: OPC UA library for python >= 3.7) library or for C++ open62541 (

For ROS 1 there are some opcua to Ros packages, but these are very old and I would only use them for very basic/limited opcua interaction (ros_opcua_communication - ROS Wiki ros_opcua_impl_freeopcua - ROS Wiki)

For non OPCUA options, there is the Ros industrial sponsored Ros noetic project robin GitHub - ScalABLE40/robin: The ROS-CODESYS Bridge šŸŒ‰ (I have no experience with it)