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Exploring the Ocean Floor with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

Our team at Foxglove was thrilled to sit down with Ryan Govostes, an embedded software engineer at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, to discuss his work helping researchers capture and interpret scientific data.

Whether he’s collaborating with a biologist to monitor for harmful algal blooms, or calibrating a camera system for an autonomous underwater vehicle, his work has accelerated development across the institution and made previously inscrutable data both actionable and meaningful.

© Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, R. Govostes

© Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, L. Lamar

Check out the full interview here: Spotlight: Ryan Govostes on Exploring a New Frontier with Foxglove Studio - Foxglove Studio


Awesome work!!! Since a kid I have been fascinated by the work this institution has done. Robert Ballard is one of my scientific heroes!!!


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