Hardware Acceleration WG, meeting #7

Hi everyone,

I’m happy to call for the seventh Hardware Acceleration Working Group meeting. This time to be held on 2022-03-31T16:00:00Z (your browser’s time). In case you missed past meetings, here’s the ROS 2 Hardware Acceleration Working Group list with past recordings we are keeping. As for the working group resources, find them below:

ROS 2 Hardware Acceleration Working Group (HAWG) resources

The meeting will start reviewing the progress of the WG. In particular, after last month’s discussion around a “Methodology for ROS 2 Hardware Acceleration”, we’ll touch on a) updates of REP-2008 to reflect the methodology for ROS 2 Hardware acceleration (#22), b) perception hardware acceleration across silicon architectures, wherein we’ll compare results of hardware accelerating the simple perception graph of #22 across FPGA and GPU commercial solutions while discussing potential improvements, and c) ROSCon 2022 Hardware Acceleration Workshop :smile: (call for workshops just announced) !

The session will also include a guest talk provided by Hyunjong Choi, Postdoctoral Researcher at University of California Riverside, which together with his team led PiCAS: New Design of Priority-Driven Chain-Aware Scheduling for ROS2. Hyunjong Choi’s research goal is to design safe, predictable, and efficient computing systems, especially in the presence of dynamic timing constraints. He’ll tell us about how although ROS2 claims to enhance the real-time capability, ensuring predictable end-to-end chain latency still remains a challenging problem he explored. To address it, their group propose a new priority-driven chain-aware scheduler for the ROS 2 wherein callbacks are prioritized based on the given timing requirements of the corresponding chains so that the end-to-end latency of critical chains can be improved with a predictable bound. They demonstrate interest results with NVIDIA Xavier NX. Worth listening!

The meeting is initially scheduled to be 60 minutes. Coordinates for the meeting below (we’re switching to Google Meet, which simplifies my life organizing things):

  • Time: 2022-03-31T16:00:00Z
  • Coordinates: https://meet.google.com/hbh-pfvj-nmw
  • Preliminary agenda:
    1. Welcome and newcomers intro
    2. Working group progress review:
    3. Guest talk: Hyunjong Choi, PiCAS: New Design of Priority-Driven Chain-Aware Scheduling for ROS2
    4. Q&A
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ROSCon 2022 Hardware Acceleration Workshop

As a special topic, during this meeting we’ll be discusing the proposal the WG will try and put together for a hardware acceleration workshop during the next ROSCon in-person event in Kyoto. I encourage everyone to consider joining. Besides Kyoto being a fantastic city, it’s about time the community gathers and given the size of this WG, it’d be pretty nice to have F2F discussions.

Over the following few days and weeks, I’ll be contacting a few individuals and groups to put together an agenda but I also wanted to drop a message in here and encourage new folks to participate. If you believe you’ve got something interesting to show/present related to ROS hardware acceleration, please reach out to me or post in here explaining what/how.


The meeting date was reported twice, but incorrectly the second time. I’ve updated it (thanks again @ggrigor!).

Note the corrected date: 2022-03-31T16:00:00Z. For dissemination purposes, we’re also trying a new thing having a LinkedIn event synced with this official call. It seems to work so far and helps bring community-outsider’s attention, so please help spread the word.

For those that prefer to receive invites automatically, join the Meetings invite group (all invites get forwarded to that list, so you’ll get it automatically if you’re there).

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Bumping this, meeting happening 2022-03-31T16:00:00Z. Don’t miss it!

We’ll be touching on exciting updates, benchmarks and new projects Hardware accelerated ROS 2 pipelines and towards the Robotic Processing Unit (RPU).

Minutes | Slides

00:00 Community contributions and group’s progress
05:28 Hardware acceleration integration in ROS 2 Humble progressing
05:56 REP-2008 update
10:30 Hardware accelerated ROS 2 perception pipelines
18:50 ROSCon 2022 Hardware Acceleration Workshop
22:25 Robotic Processing Unit (RPU)
27:32 PiCAS: New Design of Priority-Driven Chain-Aware Scheduling for ROS 2
52:20 Q&A

A summary of the meeting and additional news on hardware acceleration in robotics is being published at https://news.accelerationrobotics.com. Refer to Hardware Acceleration in Robotics #3 for the latest release covering this last meeting.

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