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Help with Buildfarm setup


This is with reference to my previous question (New to buildfarm!). I’m trying to be as exhaustive as possible. I have no previous experience in setting up a ros buildfarm before and I have very little knowledge about it. I tried to follow the documentation here ( I got to the second step after mirroring this ( repository and tried to change the parameters inside the common.yaml file. I changed the master ip, repo ip, jenkins uname and password. But the other things listed in the documentation is not available in the common.yaml file.

I’m making my machine as the master and a raspberry pi as the repo and another raspberry pi as agent. The master IP is my machine’s IP and the repo and the agent IPs are the two raspi’s IP. In common.yaml file, I edited these stuffs and changed the jenkins::slave::ui_user and ui_pass to my github username and password which is authorized in my jenkins account. Then, autoreconfigure is setup to be false in the common.yaml file but it is listed as branch in the documentation. Should I go about changing this ?

Coming to ssh keys, the key specified is the public key I generated using the ssh keygen command in my master machine ?

Anybody who has setup a buildfarm before, it will be great if you could provide me with an example and if possible explain why we are performing each step along the way.

P.S: This is not my homework. This is something I’m really willing to learn. Thanks !


This question was posted to as and I’ve done my best to answer it there.