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I want to maintain UR5 packages, what is the procedure to become one of the maintainers?

I am working on a project so require UR5 package.

Wow! I’m a intense user of ur5-ROS too, add I have plan to add some features for the package as well. Glad to know this is another guy owns the same idea with me :wink:

I think we may contact the maintainer of and talk more about it after get reply?

@I_robot.1 and @Jianghao_Huo It’s great that you’re using the UR-5 driver and would like to extend it to add new features.

To contribute you don’t need to be a maintainer. Maintainership is a responsibility that is curated and generally handed off to an active contributor who has demonstrated support and commitment to a package. We have a small blurb about it here.

For you to get involved, you can submit PR to the repository that other contributors and the maintainers will review and give you feedback on before integrating it into the repository. If you need some guidance or other feedback before you get started please open an issue on the appropriate repository with your proposed change with as much details as you can provide and any questions you might have as to how to implement it or make it suitable for contribution.

There’s also lots of guides online for how to make effective contributions to open source projects. There’s so many that I can’t recommend a specific one as different ones connect better with different people. Please take a read through a couple that look the most informative to you. I look forward to seeing your contributions!

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