I'd like to know ROS-Industrial news article related to famous companies


I’m looking for an example projects for ROS-I used by world wide famous companies.
For example, an web article title, Sieamens used ROS-I for * project, is the one I’d like to find.

Our team is now considering ROS-Industrial to use in our automated factory(FA) system,
but our client is asking such example to see ROS-Industrial is already used not only in academic but also business.
So if you know, could you share such information?

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I would like to start by prefacing that end users deploying ROS/ROS-I into their factories is often a proprietary activity. There are a number of ROS based solutions in production, but it is up to the end using entity to choose to disclose what they have done and how it is doing.

That being said, we have a number of partners that have either directly indicated their successes or indirectly. The first is Bastian Solutions. They have a new Mobile Picking Robot that is based on ROS-I, and the package Euler that is in the swri-robotics repo(https://github.com/swri-robotics/euler). An overview can be found here: https://www.bastiansolutions.com/solutions/technology/industrial-robotics/industrial-robotic-solutions/mobile-robotics/order-batch-picking

Bastian also presented recently at the RIC Americas Annual Meeting and that presentation can be found here: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/51df34b1e4b08840dcfd2841/t/5aa83a97652dea049821d88b/1520974494533/Leveraging+ROS-Industrial+to+Deliver+Customer+Value-JZoghzoghy-Bastian-030718.pdf

We also have a client that has had a ROS-I based system in production now for nearly 3 years, leveraging the Scan-N-Plan framework. I’m not at liberty to discuss the details, but it is a high mix painting system where the parts are hung on a conveyor and go past a 3D sensor the data is processed, process paths planned, and then the robot executes the process paths on the part leveraging the conveyor encoded data.

Another reference that implies indirectly the maturity is the Robotic Blending Focused Technical Project. This work has been sponsored by industry partners, and it is then up to their teams in how they leverage the capability.

There are a number of other examples, but due to the nature of manufacturing IP, and how companies choose to leverage technology to drive their differentiation, I’m sure you can understand why they are hesitant to be overly public.

That being said, DHL has this video where they discuss leveraging Fetch Robotics’s solutions to streamline operations.

ROS as a framework for robotics is well proven. There are many other commercially available platforms that are delivering value today. Myself and I’m sure my colleagues are confident should you decide to settle on ROS/ROS-I as a developmental framework, at minimum you will realize proof of concept capability quickly, and with proper due diligence can be delivering capability in a manufacturing context.

Looking forward to your feedback or others’ takes!

Matt R.
ROS-I Americas Program Manager


Thank you very much, Mr. Matt.
Your kind answer is helpful to us.

I was honestly surprised about the amount of information you kindly provided to me.
Yes, I understand that the information is often time hidden in companies.
Thus, I appreciate your answer with giving us a lots.
We will study from it.

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Hi Yamanaka,
have a look at this Tweet by Joe Speed, where he features a presentation of Boeing about why they are using ROS-I : https://twitter.com/JoeSpeeds/status/972128780926922753
May be you can ask him more about it.


Last year, I have been to a ROS Industrial meeting in the Netherlands. The program is available at: https://mikrocentrum.nl/evenementen/themabijeenkomsten/ros-industrial/#programma/ You could try to contact the people from Lely, Alten and VDL ETG who presented there. They presented projects they were working on. Moreover, on the website of the ROS Industrial consortium there is a list with partners: https://rosindustrial.org/ric/current-members/.

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Hello Yamanaka,

if you are still in need of more articles, II would like to recommend you this article on the Robot Report or watch the talks and read the blog posts on the ROS-Industrial Conference 2018

Best regards

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