Introducing Cyberworld: a ROS-based 24/7 remote real robot lab

Hi ROS community, :star2:

We are thrilled to introduce Cyberworld, a ROS-based 24/7 remote real robot lab where robotics learners can gain practical robotics experience - run Navigation Stack algorithms on a real ROSbot XL robot.

In Cyberworld, robotics learners can remotely control the ROSbot XL from home, refining skills like:

  • Mobile Kinematics
  • Kalman Filters
  • Path Planning Algorithms

Join us in the exciting challenge of helping the robot escape from complex mazes while expanding your expertise in robotics development.

The lab will be used as a part of the Robotics Developer Master Class 2023, enabling participants to learn about mobile robot kinematics and path planning algorithms in practice, running all the code on the ROSbot XL - a ros2 native, autonomous mobile robot, equipped with a LIDAR and RGB-D camera.

The Cyberworld lab is a collaboration between The Construct, Husarion (creator of ROSbot XL), and Luz Negra (LED lighting support).

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