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Introducing ROS tutorial for a new robotic platform

Hi guys, I’m Dominik, a founder of a new development platform for robots called Husarion. Our platform is ROS compatible and we created a step-by-step tutorial to allow begginers to get to know ROS quickly. Check it out here:

By the way, we just started a crowdfunding campaign for our robotic controller at Crowd Supply. Check it out!

It would be great if you could let me know what do you think about the tutorial and the product we’ve made. Thanks!


Looks great! We will try it out!

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I looked over the site, looking for your explanations and “about” and I still have a couple of questions:

  1. is your primary offering your new hardware platform or your software library?

  2. Other than the new CORE2 hardware, what advantage if any does your software environment provide for ROS programmers using other board?

I would appreciate your thoughts on those questions, thank you!

Hi Pito, here are answers to your questions:

  1. We offer the hardware, software and cloud platform. All tailored for robotics.
  2. Right now our software and cloud platform are designed only for CORE2 and RoboCORE controllers (it was the first generation of our hardware that we introduced on Kickstarter more than 2 years ago). In the near future, we are going to make our software & cloud compatible with other hardware controllers popular in robotics. The first step towards this is making our library created for real-time board of CORE2-ROS controller opened. Find it here: - this framework is based on RTOS (Real Time Operating System), and uses advanced peripherals of a microcontroller (STM32F4) to realize multiple control & communication tasks in real-time in an efficient way.

We are working on additional features for our cloud platform to make building and managing ROS-powered robots much easier.

I’m sorry Donowak, but I’ve read the website about 2-3 times, and the reply you sent just now. What value add do you provide? I’m interested in the feel and look of things you have, but I need some help clarifying the value, what are some intended uses of the product etc?

TheDash, thanks for your question. In a few words the value of our product is as follows:

1. Online tools:

  • web IDE & remote firmware update
  • all robots listed in a sinlge place
  • hosting and creating web UI for your robot (especially useful in development of telepresence robots, but not only)
  • web Linux console for CORE2-ROS - it’s a secure connection between a web browser and your CORE2-ROS based robot
  • easy sharing your robot with other Husarion cloud users or simply through a link (in this case people who open a link can control a robot through a web UI)

2. Embedded software:

3. Hardware

  • CORE2 = STM32F4 (ARM-Cortex M4, 168MHz, microcontroller) + 4 x DC motor interface (built-in H-bridge) + 4 x quadrature encoder interface + 6 x servo interface + USB + Wi-Fi + 4 x UART + 3 x I2C + SPI + CAN + 42 GPIO
  • CORE2-ROS = CORE2 + ASUS Tinker Board or RaspberryPi 3
  • Adapter board for LEGO Mindstorms elements
  • ROSbot = CORE2-ROS + LiDAR + camera + 4 x DC motors with encoders + IMU + aluminium cover

Two new ROS tutorials are ready:
7. Path planning
8. Unknown environment exploration

Check it out: :slight_smile:

Hi, we’ve posted a new update about security aspects of our robot prototyping platform: