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Learning Robotics using Python, 2nd Edition | Review the book in Amazon | FREE Access to book


I’m interested in reviewing the book.

Felipe Ximenes

I am interested in reviewing the book.
Tao Wang

we are planning to have a new robotics course for students and freshing up our ROS skills with this book would be a good idea.
Andrej Pangercic
fortiss - Research Institute of the Free State of Bavaria

I’m learning ROS at the moment, so I can review the book as I learn.
Pranav Narayanan

Hi Lentin,

I would like to review your book.

Tommaso Bellone

Hi Lentin
I would be honored to review your book

Al French

Hello Everyone

Thanks for your interest to review the book Learning Robotics using Python, 2nd Edition. I can send these details to my publisher, and they will send you the book for review.

Lentin Joseph

I couldn’t get your email id from this link. Please message me.

Lentin Joseph

Oh, sorry, it’s :slight_smile:

I am interested in reviewing the book.

I would love to take a look at it, we’re developing some libraries to use ROS from Python (both CPython and IronPython from within CAD tools like Rhinoceros 3D) and we’re very interested in using it as a teaching tool.

My email is casas at



if still possible, I would love to review one too. I already answered to this via mail, but today I got a “undelivarable” mail back :frowning:

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Hi Lentin
I have downloaded and read the book - excellent work - where do i send my review to? and approx how long would you like it to be…

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After reviewing the book, please write a review on the book page.

Lentin Joseph

Hi Lentin
“To submit reviews, customers must make a minimum number of valid debit or credit card purchases. Prime subscriptions and promotional discounts don’t qualify towards the purchase minimum. For more information, see our Customer Review Guidelines.”
As im in Australia and Amazon sux here i havent paid them enough to allow me to review anything…
I will write my review and post it here for you and you can use it anyway you see fit… BTW - a great book - i am enjoying it immensely

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I’m interested in reviewing the book

Hello Lentin,

I have your 1st edition book for 2 years now and like to know “what has changed”.
I like your 1st edition very much, but I did not agree 100% with the extension “using python” .
Do you have added more python samples ?

Last but not least, this book is a MUST HAVE for all ros users.


ps: ready for a short review: christian.mock(at) :slight_smile:

Hi @Christian_Mock

Thanks for the comment. The content of the book has been updated and organized in a better way. As you mentioned, the title is a little confusing, I have raised this issue to the publisher, but the second edition name should be the same as the first edition. That’s why I couldn’t change it.

I will send a copy to your mail id. :slight_smile:

Lentin Joseph

hi lentin. im very interested in with first book. Can i read your second book tommorow? ^^
my email:
tkank you so much <3

Hi, i am working on a robotic project in our university, also i would like to read your book and give a review!
my email:
Best regards
Arash Javan