Looking for Lady's and Gentleman's at Melbourne Victoria Australia. To Make mobile robot together.

Hi Mebournies,

I made a mobile robot following Articulated Robotics(a great instructor at Youtube)
ROS2 foxy
Ubuntu mate 20.04
I will follow his instruct for Humble as well

I completed to make a mobile robot but I want to study more and make another the mobile robot from scratch for studying and make real robots.(I am not an Engineer or Uni student however successfully made the mobile robot)
I made it alone … very lonely…
I am looking for making robot together.
I am living at Melbourne CBD.
Anyone interested to make and study together include C, C++, Python, etc…
I am willing to pay some parts our study needs.
(I have a turtlebot3 as well… good for ROS study)
Please email me


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