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Meeting Notes: MoveIt Manipulation WG Meeting - May 28th

Meeting Notes

  • Attendees (20):
    • Robert
    • Dave
    • Jafar
    • Ian
    • Joachim
    • Felix
    • Jorge
    • Mark
    • Yu
    • Henning
    • Marq
    • Rajendra
    • Simon
    • Tyler
    • Omid
    • Michael
    • Beatriz
    • Andy
    • Jere
    • Nathan


  • World MoveIt Day - Virtual - June 2nd
    • Should we do some kind of virtual office hours?
      • People seem to like it
      • We’ll administer it via Slack
    • Should we use Slack or IRC?
      • IRC is too old and elitist feeling
      • Dave: setup slack and start testing it now
  • ROS 1 Melodic release (Tyler)
    • We’ve backported a lot of features from master to melodic-devel
    • Release after world moveit day
    • Code freeze: June 15th (only accept bug fixes)
    • Release: July 1st push out a release
    • New feature: will include jog_arm and moveitcpp, clang-tidy failures / fixes
  • ROS 1 Noetic release (Tyler)
    • Less clear when this will happen, many dependencies blocking MoveIt’s release
      • e.g. ompl, kdl is not released yet
    • catkin_tools is broken in noetic currently
  • Robert: Should we bump release version as soon as we’ve done a release?
    • Motivation: handle API changes better, be able to do #ifdef in master codebase
    • Tyler: This would simplify building debians themselves
    • Mark: Should we bump major/minor version?
      • Robert: Depends what you’re targeting next
    • Dave: why should we not do this?
      • Robert: its a little more effort
  • MoveIt 2 Development Resuming (Henning)
    • Henning: Team is bigger than expected, great support from Yu Yan, Edward Fan
    • move_group is the biggest chunk left to be migrated
    • package progress
    • July 1st release target for Foxy
      • Will not include all of moveit, but most of it (more than previously)
      • Still are working through upstream dependencies
    • Mark: how can ppl help for moveit 2 on WMD?
      • Henning: its hard
      • Dave: help port the tutorials
      • Mark: propose ROS 2 features to add to moveit
    • Rajendra: is anyone working on moveit task constructor?
      • Henning: no one currently, please do! Could be multiple volunteers
  • Pilz integration update (Joachim)
    • CI is timing out, in particular: testing time
    • we still want to bring the pilz planner into moveit repo
    • we’re working to speedup the integration tests by simulation execution approach
    • working to split moveit_resources into subpackages, instead of one large package
    • Michael: should we move chomp out?
      • compile time is very fast
      • but distance field takes longer
  • Andy: Renaming moveit_jog_arm to moveit_servo?
    • Michael: we shouldn’t bother with rename after all the advertising
    • Andy: its scope has grown way beyond manual control
    • Dave: its never been released into ROS, and it only in experimental, so its not too late to rename
  • MoveItCpp as MoveGroupContext (Henning)
    • The functionality is redundant between these two tools
    • MoveGroupContext can easily be replaced with our new C++ interface
    • Desire to unify capabilities with moveit_cpp
  • Adding Tyler as Maintainer (Dave)
    • Robert: he’s a skilled C++ developer, just be careful when reviewing robotics-heavy concepts
    • Everyone welcomes his ongoing contributions
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I love your notes Dave, you should do them more often! :wink:
Thanks for posting them right away!

This should either be MoveGroupContext or “move_group’s context”.
We were not talking at all about the ROS action MoveGroup, but about unifying the c++ interface inside the move_group node by using MoveItCpp.

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