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ndt_mapping Method Types and parameters

Is there documentation regarding the method types and other parameters for ndt_mapping? Most of the settings are straightforward, but some are opaque. There is no documentation regarding pcl_anh or pcl_anh_gpu or pcl_openmp as far as I can tell. Does “anh” refer to the adaptive octree region-growing method devised by Anh-Vo? Extracting assumptions with which to justify node settings for map generation is challenging using the source code alone. A simple explanation (or README) would prove very helpful.

Followup question - What are the trade-offs when comparing the use of pcl_generic vs pcl_anh?

I guess “anh” stands for the author’s name of the implementation. pcl_generic uses PCL, while pcl_anh* uses its original implementation. pcl_generic uses radiusSearch, while pcl_anh* uses direct mapping from x,y,z for searching neighbor cells. pcl_anh* consumes a lot of memory compared to pcl_generic. I’m not familiar with pcl_openmp.

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Like @kfunaoka stated Ahn is the last name of the author. “Anh Viet Nguyen” a PhD student in Nagoya University, who specialized in GPU acceleration. I’ll ask him to link here his research paper.