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New category "CARMA"


My name is Taylor Lochrane and I work for the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). I am leading development of CARMA which is FHWA’s premier research initiative that is leading innovation in cooperative driving automation to address how automated vehicles can work together and with roadway infrastructure to support safe and efficient driving. We developed the CARMA Platform which is the only open source platform that enables cooperative driving automation with over a dozen features currently developed in ROS1 (plans to migrate to ROS2 Summer 2020).

We established CARMA to be an open source community for inventors and innovators collaborating on new solutions with emerging technology to address cooperative driving automation. We feel the ROS Discourse community would be a great fit for these discussions under a new category “CARMA.” This would be similar to the “Autoware” category but focus on CARMA development. This community is a great place to host the technical discussions supported by our CARMA Collaborative effort on the development of CARMA Platform with current and future users. We are in discussion with over 30 universities on the use of CARMA and more users are connecting with us each week. We plan to continue to develop CARMA alongside our growing community of users and would like to request a new Catagory called “CARMA” to help host this innovation.

Feel free to learn more about CARMA
GitHub Site –
Confluence Site –
Jira Site –

Please let me know if you have any questions.



Hi Taylor,

This sounds like a good category to have here on ROS Discourse. And I see we already have several likes so it looks like there’s definitely interest.

For completeness could you reply with proposed content for the “About” page for the category. And also ask people to fill out this poll who are interested in participating to demonstrate critical mass.

  • I’m interested in actively participating in the CARMA category.
  • I’m interested in subscribing to the CARMA category.

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For reference I’m roughly following the process we’ve setup for local user groups: How to propose a new Local User Group

I appreciate for your reply to this post. We look forward to growing this community on ROS Discourse.

How about this?
CARMA: Welcome to the CARMA forum for advancing Cooperative Driving Automation through open collaboration.

I will work with the CARMA team to begin to direct the discussions to this new category once we demonstrate our critical mass interest in participation.

Thank you for your consideration. - Taylor

That’s not really enough of a description to help people who discover the category understand what the scope of the category is and decide if they should follow up more. I’d like to have most of what’s in your proposal above included. But written to address the new user who has just clicked on the category for the first time. The goal is to help them understand if it’s worth their time to read. And secondly addressed to the user who wants to post something and should be able to understand the scope of the category and whether their post is relevant.

Ok I understand what you are looking for now. I will draft something and post it in a few days.

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@tfoote How about this write up below?

Welcome to the CARMA forum for advancing Cooperative Driving Automation (CDA) through open collaboration!

CARMA is an open source platform developed by the U.S. DOT Federal Highway Administration. It brings innovators together to accelerate the research and development of CDA. CARMA is a reusable, extensible platform for controlling connected and automated vehicles. It provides a rich, generic API for third party plugins that implement vehicle guidance algorithms to plan vehicle trajectories. It’s written in Java and C++ and runs in a ROS environment.

Join the discussion here if:

  • You’re interested in creating a new feature and want to get feedback.
  • You want to learn more about contributing to/building upon the CARMA Platform.
  • You would like to share insights, tips, or lessons learned from your experience using CARMA.
  • You are interested in discussing the latest updates and changes to CARMA with the community.

To explore CARMA’s code or supporting documentation, please visit the CARMA GitHub and Confluence pages:

For technical support on using CARMA, please email For other questions, please email

Thank you for putting that together @tlochrane it looks like a good description for the category.

Everyone, who’s interested in this category please make an effort to help get this category off the ground and help build get the conversation started.

The group is now available at: