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Offline ROS API documentation

Hi all!

You all know these problems:
You have a certain problem with an API, but the internet connection or the ROS server is very laggard and you are not able to receive any information about this API function you are struggling with.

Not any more! There is a solution for these kind of problems now!

It is called Zeal (Linux, OSX, Windows) or Dash (OSX)
Both tools are offline documentation browsers with search function.
They are super fast, always close to your fingertips and available whereever you are, even in the remotest lab.

Until now there was no so-called ‘docset’ for ROS, but finally there is one.
Currently it contains these ROS packages:

  • actionlib
  • geometry
  • geometry2
  • image_common
  • ros
  • ros_comm
  • ros_control
  • roscpp_core
  • vision_opencv

Of course it is no problem to add all ROS packages in general, but it gets quite large and a lot of the packages don’t provide a good API documentation.
But the core packages are available in the current docset.

The docset is available here:
Install Zeal or Dash and follow the instructions of the README in the github repository and you are ready to go.

If you find any issues or if you want to add another great package to the list above, let me know, for example by opening an issue in the repository.

I hope you will like it and it helps you as much as it helped me!