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OpenAI Gym for Robotics 101 Online Course

Dear Roboticists,

The OpenAI Gym for Robotics101 online course now is available in Robot Ignite Academy.

About the course

Learn what is needed to be able use Open AI-Gym in your next project. You will work on a turtlebot simulation and a part drone.

At the end of the course, the following topics will have been addressed:

  • Basics of openai-gym API
  • Definition of environment files for openai-gym, centered in gazebo-ROS simulations.
  • Importing of environments and communication with Gazebo Simulations through ROS.
  • Registering of learning results and data plot
  • Create your own environment through a hands on example with a drone in Gazebo.

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Article: Machine learning with OpenAI Gym on ROS Development Studio

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