Package and wiki mirrors outdated

Hi everyone,
I just noticed two issues:

  1. Most of the package mirrors seem outdated, e.g. they do not provide melodic packages. I could resolve this issue by updating the puppet configuration:
    cd ~/mirror
    git pull
    sudo puppet apply ros_mirror.pp --modulepath=/etc/puppet/modules:/usr/share/puppet/modules:.

  2. The mirror status of most mirrors is 2018-05-12 on This seems to be an upstream problem. The rsync source seems to be out of date. Tully, can you fix this?

+1 That would be great for all mirror admins to do.

Manually triggering the sync on my mirrors brought them up to date to last Saturday’s export (6/16) You have to browse the mirrors with a recent update. The browsers cache the content that the javascript loads.

The upstream content for the mirrors appears to be up to date: Documentation

I’m not sure if I triggered something different I tried running a new export today and it didn’t propogate, but the 6/16 run appears to have become available now. If the mirrors don’t update to the 6/16 content overnight a second look would be warranted.

Thanks a lot. The Freiburg mirror should be up to date now again.

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Our sync script for the UMD mirror had been temporarily disabled to troubleshoot a disk space issue. We are now back up to date as well.

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