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Plot tool for visualization

Hi all!

I would like to let you know that I created a new plotting tool in rust + gtk-rs. This tool can plot large sets of data, and also can gather data from ROS2. The idea was to build a PC application which can handle a big influx of data without coming to a halt. As such, it is not a browser based tool, but GTK based. The data can be send into the tool via a simple TCP/IP protocol.

Sourcecode is located here:

To log all ROS2 signals in your system, you can use the ros2 adapter script:

I’m aware that this might directly compete with the rqt tool, which is pretty good, but this might also be a handy companion tool to debug your robots.

I’m curious to your feedback!



Are you aware of plotjuggler? It will support ROS2 soon

Yes, I’m aware, and I think it is a very good initiative (by you ;)) .

I listed it here:

I wanted to try to build a plot tool for a long time, also I wanted to experiment with a data structure which supports partial data selection when zooming and panning.


Building this kind of tools is a lot of fun in my opinion :wink:

Great work!

Well, it is a more interesting challenge than it may seem.

Btw, I can 100% affirm your story here

Did you already consider HDF5 as a dataformat to export data? I think this could be a good format to exchange data after experiments are finished. It would be great to have some defined HDF5 schema for robotic experiments.