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Porting a project from ROS1 to ROS2 β€” our experience

Dear ROS community,

my teammate just published an article on medium showing our experience from porting the open source ROS1 project to ROS2. It is available :point_right:here :point_left:.

The described project is a web admin panel for planning paths for mobile robots and it looks like this:

I hope you will find this article useful.

All the best,


That really looks interesting. Not only the porting part, but also the project itself. We were looking for a simple web interface (on tablet) for our robot, so we will definitely check out your route admin project.

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Ubiquity robotic’s Github has a voice command rosbridge interface (ROS 1) for laptop or Android that use the Google voice API.

I am wondering if anything similar exists in ROS 2. It would be nice to say: β€œPick up the red cup and put in the blue bin,” and have a robot do just that.