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Preparing for Dashing sync and patch release: 2019-12-12

It’s time for another Dashing sync and patch release.
We’re using a GitHub project board to track the release status.
If there is a pull request that you want included in the patch release you can propose it on the tracking issue.

There are also a good number of new packages from the community ready for sync:

If you find a regression when testing, please report it upstream and leave a comment here so we can track it leading up to the sync.

Please get your releases in for this sync as early as you can, and on 2019-12-10 we’ll hold all rosdistro PRs unless they fix reported regressions.

The armhf debs are still catching up on the buildfarm but amd64 and arm64 are both in the testing repository. If anyone testing the debs there notices an issue, please file it upstream and report it here so we can track the regression. Assuming we are regression free we will sync tomorrow as planned.

There has been a regression reported in rclpy’s python 3.5 support

The above regression has been resolved and now we’re waiting for the release to make its way through the buildfarm. I expect the actual sync will be tomorrow rather than today as a result.

The patch release has been tagged on ros2/ros2 and packages from are uploading to GitHub. I haven’t run the buildfarm sync yet because doing so right before signing off for the night on Friday the 13th seems like it would invite disaster. So I’ll sync in the morning when the releases finish uploading.

The release is out!

@nuclearsandwich Any timeline for next sync?

@nuclearsandwich Ping! Any word on that next sync? There are currently about 40 packages waiting since the December sync.

We’re indeed overdue. It’s the top of my queue next week to either produce a sync or start the patch release preparations for the following week.

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