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Preparing for Kinetic Sync 2020-03-03

We have over 100 packages ready for sync.

There’s one regression in pinocchio 2.3.1 on 32bit targets: I’created an upstream issue

I plan to hold new kinetic releases until Friday except for fixes to the regression. If there’s anything else related to this sync please reply here.

Hey @tfoote – my packages (ifm3d_core and ifm3d) are newly included as of this sync.

After last week’s melodic sync, I discovered the ifm3d_core (a wrapper around a non-ros package) package is failing to build on bloom. The root cause is that during PR, I was asked to rename the package from ifm3d-core to ifm3d_core, but I neglected to port a few key patches from the old release/kinetic/ifm3d-core branch to the new release/kinetic/ifm3d_core branch. I have ported the patches and run a prerelease test. PR here:

Any chance this can be included in next week’s kinetic sync?

Side note, it also dawns on me that my ifm3d package (also new in this sync) has catkin tests which require the presence of hardware. Am I correct in assuming these will fail on bloom due to no hardware? I’ve submitted a question here:

Thanks for catching that early. I’ve merged it.

It looks like others have gotten to this already there.

Looks like the build is passing now for ifm3d_core as well as the ifm3d ROS package. Thanks for the help @tfoote!