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Preparing for Melodic sync 2020-07-01

There are currently ten regressions and 121 packages ready to sync. The 10 regressions, though, probably all boil down to failing to build. Except for fixes for those regressions, I plan to hold releases starting end of day today, July 1, with a sync in the middle of next week.

@agutenkunst @jschleicher The regression looks to be in pilz_testutils. There also looks to be a fix in the source repository already, so we just need a new release. Otherwise, I’ll revert the last update to pilz_robot to before the regression.

Please comment here if there are any other outstanding issues I should know about before performing the sync.

@clalancette Yes, the build should be fixed in github already and we’ll release today or tomorrow.

@clalancette contains the fix for the Issue with pilz_testutils

Excellent, it looks like this fixed it. Thanks for the update!

The sync is out.

@clalancette We wrote ROS tutorials on Japanese tech magazine, which will be published in Aug 7th ( It depends on latest rtmros_nextage (0.8.3-3) so It would be nice if we can get that in next sync.