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Preparing for Noetic sync 2020-08-29

Hello Noetic maintainers!

Starting now, I will be holding new Noetic ros/rosdistro release PRs with a plan to sync ROS Noetic packages to the main apt repo on 2020/08/29. Please comment here if there are any issues I should know about before performing the sync.

There are currently no regressions and 202 packages waiting to sync.

MoveIt Noetic is ready to be released, would be great to hold the sync and get that included today.

I’ll go forward with the sync this morning (oops, two days late). I share @rhaschke’s concern about missing out on soak time. If there are problems with the Debian packages it leaves almost no time to catch and fix them.

The sync is out :tada:

Now is a great time to make new Noetic releases for the next sync :doughnut:

:tada: @sloretz Will there be a noetic/2020-08-31 tag for the corresponding noetic release on

Yup. There’s now a tag for this sync:

@sloretz when will the next Noetic release be? We look forward to announcing MoveIt Noetic :partying_face:

The next ROS Noetic sync is scheduled for Friday the 18th: Preparing for Noetic sync 2020-09-18