Preparing Indigo Sync 2016-11-14

We have over 100 package updates in Indigo.

Upon review I’ve found one issue causing a regression.

If there’s anything else to be aware of related to this sync please reply here. Otherwise we’ll plan to sync soon.

Hi @tfoote, is there any regression still blocking this sync?

Unfortunately there’s been a regression of 54 packages in the Trusty armhf builds:

I haven’t had a chance to dig in and root cause the regression. At first inspection there’s not a clear reason. I’ve triggered a rebuild of missing packages on the farm and hopefully that will fill in the missing packages overnight otherwise it will need some more digging.

Some of those pkgs are mine (fanuc*). Seems like something is up with pkgs that depend / make use of MoveIt somehow?

It looks like those were just dependency sequences that were not completed on jenkins, that the trigger missing seems to have filled in. Once the buildfarm catches up we can review and hopefully sync. There’s about 2 dozen packages to rebuild.

Thanks everyone, it’s out now: Preparing Indigo Sync 2016-11-14