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Published revision 49 of Superflore OE Recipe Generation Scheme (meta-ros)

This revision documents the addition of a Milestone 16 which will introduce support for ROS 1 noetic and add support for the end of 2020 releases of the other ROS distros. It also documents the repurposing of the soon to be completed Milestone 15 to introduce support for webOS OSE v2.8.0, build 263, and OpenEmbedded hardknott, and to drop/reduce support for OpenEmbedded thud, warrior, and zeus. Most of the Milestone 15 technical debt and cleanup items have been to a new Milestone 17, but a few new ones were added to Milestone 15. Note that support for ROS 2 eloquent will be dropped in Milestone 17.

The document is here. Its change log is here. A “rich diff” of the changes made since the previous revision is here.