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No, pull requests should always target the latest / default branch. Someone will trigger manual CI builds for all platforms and post the links on the PR.

Then why doesn’t it pass locally with the master branch checked out?

You may have a different environment locally than the build farm builders have. A common example is some dependencies installed via pip when the build farm uses Debian packages, or the other way around. Note also that I believe the build farm has moved to using Focal now, so there may be a difference in operating systems as well, which means the Debian packages might be different versions than what you’re using.

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If the dependency management of linter scripts can’t enforce the correct versions of the linters to test themselves can’t be enforced, that seems like a really bad situation for anyone who tries to develop new features and test their changes and a major failure of the dependency specification system.

My local environment for this is 18.04 following the instructions here for installing eloquent: I installed dependencies using rosdep.

Once focal is released I will switch to development using it.

I would hope that linters themselves are stable enough to not have this problem, and have full backwards compatibility assuming your config file doesn’t change. shakes fist at python and pip