RACS2: An option for your ROS 2 project for space robotics

Our team at Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has prototyped “RACS2[1],” which connects ROS2 with Core Flight System (cFS)[2].

  1. RACS2 extended DDS: connecting ROS2 and cFS via DDS layer
    GitHub - jaxa/racs2_extended-dds: RACS2 Extended DDS - Connecting ROS2 and cFS via DDS layer (released!)

  2. The ROS2/cFE bridge: bridging topics bw. ROS2 and cFS in the application layer
    GitHub - jaxa/racs2_bridge: RACS2 bridge - bridging between the ROS2 and cFS System

SpaceROS (pure ROS2) will be ideal for space robotics projects. And, since many spacecrafts are built by cFS, RACS2 (ROS2 on robot + cFS on ordinal spacecraft) would be a realistic choice. RACS2 should be a good option of SpaceROS.

Although it is too late to use RACS2/ROS2 in our ongoing space robotic project, we are planning to test RACS2/ROS2 on Int-ball2 (a successor mission of Int-Ball) in International Space Station (ISS) in 2024.

[1] Hiroki Kato (JAXA) and Tatsuhiko Saito (Systems Engineering Consultants (SEC)). “RACS2: the ROS2 and cFS System, launched” Flight Software Workshop 2023 in March 2023 (Presentation)

[2] cFS is an open-source software framework for space applications, much like ROS.