Real time safe logger

Hello everyone,

Recently I created a small project rt_logger to log generic data (e.g doubles, std vectors and eigen vectors and matrices) trough real time publishers rt_pub.
To see how it works check out this test file.

I hope this can be useful to have a quick and simple way to log numeric data from real time controllers. In the future I intend to extend the project to support more data types.

Let me know if you find it useful :slight_smile:



Thanks for sharing @graiola.

We also developed also a real time publisher for numeric data earlier this year as a part of a ROSIN proposal:

Besides the publisher, which you already have, we have some integrations for storing and displaying the data for short term (PlotJuggler) and long term (Graphite/Grafana) which may be useful to you.

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Nice work! Thank you @v-lopez for sharing it.