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Retrofit a PanaRobo AW8006

I’m on a project of build a new controller for my PanaRobo AW8006. I read document about YARC (Yet Another Robot Controller). And then, I tend to follow this document for my project. I used servo Sigma II for my robot. And now I need a Motion Controller for my Rob. I wonder if they really combined PMAC, ROS, MoveIt. Because I rarely can find anthor document about them and their project. Someone can help me on my project. Thank you so much31172313_2495555790670183_2375240055695343616_n

I was looking also for combaining ROS with Pmac
I porbally came across the same article:

I also found some source code of implenatation of diffrenet project

Power Pmac is framework that running on ubuntu 14.04 so it easy to install ROS on it
also using command line and a pmac app called gpascii you can access most of their functions and data locally or remotely (using SSH).

So you can create ROS Pacage with ROS Topics to get commands msgs and send dat

There is open souce library for connecting remotely that was developed by their customer: