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Robotic Humanoid hand

I designed and printed a new flexiforce adapter. With this one, the sensor is fixed at a perfect position even if you move the cable. Also it is between two metal parts. Here you can see it.

I also had built a new box to get everything in a fixed place and see how it would fit. Here is the front of the box.

And here the back of the box with all electronics. You just need to plug in one USB cable and one Ethernet-cable for the raspberry-pi and power it up.

With this setup is absolutely easy to install the wire-cables for one robotic finger through these bowden cables. Plug in the cables and connect to rviz. ready to go

Hello all,
i started a kickstarter project to build a ready-to-production prototype of the Humanoid Robotic Hand. I hope you can support me and spread the message, or pledge something on my kickstarter site.

Thanks alot

Woohoo, I got the honor of being the first backer :slight_smile: Your campaign seems ambitious but I wish you all the best! Keep up the good work.

thank you @dbolkensteyn for your support. Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Looks like i fell asleep for a short while, but so does the robotics industry. I thought i could use rotation and linear motion to simply move a robotic finger and i tried and it works nice. For linear motion i use linear drawer slides. Next would be to build something to hold servos to move it.

Here are some videos.