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@gbiggs, Thanks for your feedback. While our immediate goal is to get all the critical packages into ROS2, we will continue to look into the possibility to improve them using new features and concepts in near term.


@Martin_Guenther, thanks for your kind words. We are very excited to be part of ROS2 initiative. Regarding, Forking new repo vs branching under existing repo, I completely agree that branching under ROS1 repo will be a better idea. I’ll work my team and provide them similar guidelines to follow. I really appreciate your feedback and guidelines here.


@bponsler and @Rohita83, Thanks for your communication around Diagnostic-aggregator and diagnostic-updater porting to ROS2. It is correct that we, at Persistent system are extending our help in porting these two packages to ROS2. Please let us know how can we collaborate our effort together to make it more effective without duplicating the effort.


@bponsler, We have cloned diagnostic_updater from ROS1 master (Indigo-devel) branch and merged your changes from bponsler:ros2-devel branch. Additionally we have updated some CPP code as per ROS2 guidelines to support ROS2 build and also execute gtest on ROS2 Bouncy.

@bponsler, @Austin Hendrix, @Brice Rebsamen, As diagnostics git repo is not available for ROS2, Would you please suggest us to whom we should raise PR for the same.


@Rohita83 - great, thanks for taking that over.

I think the correct thing to do is to have a ros2 devel branch created in ros/diagnostics ( and then merge your changes there. I had created an initial PR just for visibility ( but didn’t get a branch created. It will be easiest for others to find the port if it’s part of ros/diagnostics.


@bponsler - Thanks for your response. definitely this information will help us to move ahead.


Hey, all, our team will plan to port below laser related packages for ros2 perception, if anyone started on these packages porting, please let us know.

  • laser_filters
  • laser_proc
  • imu_pipeline
  • laser_pipeline