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ROS 2 H Name Brainstorming

  • Hazy Homopus

It would easily work for a craft beer too

  • Hard Helmeted

Hypnotic Hypnotoad
Handsome Hypnotoad
Hail Hypnotoad



I support this proposition if and only if the S release can be “Sandstorm.


All glory to the hypnotoad!hypnotoad


Galactic was such a great adjective, that I thought it only befitting if H-turtle were to follow the pattern. It took a great many seconds of pondering, but I finally came upon such adjectives.

  • Hectic
  • Hella-Hectic, or Hellectic (at last, the long-lost sibling of Galactic has been found)
  • Holy-Hellectic
  • Hilactic, which may be interpreted as a reptile well-nourished on a dairy-rich diet (high lactic), or one with a hilariously hectic plight
  • Hibernatic, the state of the reptile after such a plight

Regarding the last state, sing (in your head only, please) The Pointer Sisters’ 1984 hit song Automatic, but replace automatic with Hiiii-beeeeer-naaa-tiiic:

(You may ignore the part about “all of my systems are down, down down down” that goes right before it.)

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In that fashion:
Hydromatic Hypnotoad!


I definitely like the “Hutchemys” name, but it would be fun to shorten it to “Hutch”.

For example, “Hazy Hutch”, “Hasty Hutch”, “Hardy Hutch”, etc.

… or even go a little longer with “Hutchison”, since the actual turtle according to the Wiki is called “Hutchison’s Turtle”. For example, “Hazy Hutchison”.

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  • Homey Homopus
  • Heady Heosemys

Huggy Hippo
Huggable Hippo


sob., 1.05.2021, 10:39 użytkownik MIURA Yasuyuki via ROS Discourse <> napisał:

Hitchhiking Hypnotoad (or Hydromedusa or some other turtle species)

Hitchhiking following Galactic is the motivation for the name :upside_down_face:


I like Heroic (short and easy to pronounce), so I checked out the turtles behind that adjective, and conclude that Hawksbill gives the most majestic image search results.

edit: After sleeping on it, nothing rolls off the tongue like Hyper, so Hyper Hawksbill has my vote.

Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 19.57.33

Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 19.58.42

Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 19.55.46

Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 19.55.57


I vote for Handsome Hypnotoad!

Fun fact, in German a toad is “Kröte” and a turtle is “Schildkröte” which literally means “shield toad”. Therefore a toad is basically a turtle without a shell :wink:

Awaiting K Name for ROS2. I had put this request for K Name

How about “Heroic Hominoid”

H-Turtle will be a LTS release. The complete LTS release list is bouncy, dashing, foxy. Being an engineer I long for patterns, so I think the new release should be -ing.

I was trying to find a nice adjective, and a place came to my mind instead. Where would you get long term support better than in The Shire?

And thus my proposition is
Halfling Halfshell


What about:

Howling Hardella


Horny Hippo would be funny.

or Hipster Hippo sounds more Millennial.

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Hedy Homopus - As a call back to Hedy Lamarr
Herculean Homopus - As in tiny but mighty Homopus

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