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ROS 2 H Name Brainstorming

H-Turtle will be a LTS release. The complete LTS release list is bouncy, dashing, foxy. Being an engineer I long for patterns, so I think the new release should be -ing.

I was trying to find a nice adjective, and a place came to my mind instead. Where would you get long term support better than in The Shire?

And thus my proposition is
Halfling Halfshell


What about:

Howling Hardella


Horny Hippo would be funny.

or Hipster Hippo sounds more Millennial.

Hedy Homopus - As a call back to Hedy Lamarr
Herculean Homopus - As in tiny but mighty Homopus

Hyper Hawksbill … rolls off the tongue nicely, feels codey and is a hyper turtle what!