ROS 2 I Name Brainstorming


The Elseya irwini turtle species has a great back-story and would make a cool illustration.

I propose:

It rolls off the tongue and would make a great design.

How can you say no to this face?

Runners up:

  • International Iserosaurus
  • Idealistic Iserosaurus
  • Itty-Bitty indica

I was told I won’t be charged for breaking the law if I post second names that aren’t turtles.

Nor if they’re terrible. Maybe that does break the law, but at least I won’t be charged.


  • Iguazu Iguana (Argentina waterfall + reptile)
  • Isosceles Icicle
  • Indigenous Island
  • Ionic Infinity
  • Icy ICU
  • Indie Inkjet (am I at the end of my tether?)
  • Independent Irishman xDDD (can anyone tell I’ve been reading a book about 1930s Ireland?)
  • Irish Immigrant?
  • Identical Imitation

Okay end of tether.

Infernal Iserosaurus, maybe it’s a little bit too much, but I’d say that’d make a great poster (or a heavy metal band name)

I don’t think Itty-Bitty would make a very good codename for widespread and regular use, since it has a hyphen in it. indica and irwini are not bad codenames, but that would be reversing the trend of using the preceding adjective for the codename, which could get confusing.

I would +1 for Ionic, close your eyes and just imagine it now…

You have Mr Turtle being slung out of a particle accelerator! What’s not to love! You gotta thing about 'dem stickers / tee shirts!

Also, why does Mr Turtle not have a name?!?! We need to have a name for our ROS effigy!

Gerald for Turtle President!


Inglorious Indotestudo

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Inspired by the on-going war, I would like to recommend “peace”.

I like Ionic, but unfortunately the first thing I thought of when someone wrote it was I think this will confuse search results a bit.

Also apparently “Ionic <…> induces ROS” ;D


how about “ionic kachua” :turtle: :thinking:

save “kachua” for ‘k’

Ivory Igneous – pure fire :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:
This should be perfect

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+1 for ionic, idyllic, ingenious

I’d also suggest:

  • inventive :turtle:
  • incredible :turtle:
  • insightful :turtle:

joke (?) suggestions:

  • ineloquent (ha)
  • ironic
  • innumerable
  • irrefutable
  • irresistible

What about Ross?! Ross the ROS Turtle :turtle: :rolling: :galactic:


Indefatigable Iserosaurus

Or you could just remove the hyphen.

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I like Ijapa. However, “intrepid” is already the codename for Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex, so I think we should avoid it, especially since ROS releases are correlated with Ubuntu releases.

How about: Icy Ijapa

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Yes I think that is very valid: ionic is a fairly widely used technology.

Also, while not as incriminating I think, “Icy” may be too close to iceoryx for comfort…

Icy Iguana? or does that suggest sluggish performance?
“Incendiary Iguana” would be fast.

Great name “ijapa” . ijapa means tortoise in a tradition in Africa. Sounds good :+1:t3:.


I like “inventive”

Inventive Indotestudo.

Indotestudo because its an existing genus that starts with “I” that is critically endangered and “Inventive” because I can imagine a cute logo of a turtle building a robot.

“Iconic ijapa” What do you think about that?

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