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ROS 2 K Turtle Naming Brainstorming

I am from India and in our Mythology one of the Avatar is Tortoise called ‘Kurma’ Avatar. This is the Wki link on Kurma -
Other references are - and
When the turn of K comes can we have the ROS2 version name as KlassicKurma or KarmicKurma Please Please!! You have done based on popular characters around Tortoise in the world. This time give change to India, we have large number of students studying ROS2 and many companies working on it!! Kurma2

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While we appreciate your enthusiasm, I’ll point out that on our current release schedule K-Turtle won’t be released until 2025. So you may want to make your case closer to that release date :wink: .


Thanks @clalancette ,
I shall keep the discussion on for getting support ! Hopefully I could gather some support